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Motorcycle information. Covers motorbike selection.  Motorcycle accessories. Safe riding on road and off road.
Safe touring. South African site. We can assist you with your South African, Southern African or African
motorcycle tour, trip or safari. Our new venture African Long Distance trains adventure motorcycle riders
to tour off road up through Africa.

How to motorcycling site: 

Sources of first-time information on motorbikes are strangely rare. This one-stop motorcycle web site covers sportbikes, touring, cruiser, trail, enduro and off road bikes. Motorbike protective clothing like helmets, leather and Cordura jackets  are covered. Tips for safe and accident free riding with special attention to the Hurt Study. Safe motorcycle touring in Africa and touring accessories like panniers, topboxes and bags are explained in the how to sections.

For the more mechanically minded topics like DIY maintenance, torque, horsepower as well as dark sciences like counter steering are explored. For our local South African bikers there are some useful route, accommodation, photos and information.

The essential philosophy of this site is a brief overview of each biking topic which is best printed out and read when your motorcycle is parked in the garage! 

Disclaimer. No responsibility can be assumed for any of the content. I am a regular biker and do not hold a diploma or degree, local or international championship or accreditation in any of the motorcycle topics mentioned!!

The contents of FlamesOnMyTank is solely owned by the author (except where otherwise stated) and may not be used without permission.

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