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Motorcycling Safely - a motorcycle riding program

Basic Phase.  On a quiet suburban road.

  1. Basic throttle, gear, clutch and brake control on straight residential roads. Riding in the middle of the lane. All this without looking down at the controls.
  2. Motorcycle controls e.g. the position of the indications (turn signal) and the cancel control
  3. Riding with arms bent looking well ahead.
  4. Executing a 180 turn (U turn) in a narrow road. Caution. This is a difficult exercise!! Therefore take care when selecting a place to practice this. Riding without the saddle can help while you get your confidence up if the bike is heavy and has a high saddle. Remember to keep your head up, revs up, slip the clutch a little and do not go too slowly.!
  5. Emergency braking with both brakes, arms remaining relaxed and bent during the whole process, legs gripping the motorcycle.
  6. Faster acceleration from rest. Arms bent and leaning forward.
  7. Pulling off from stop streets and turning left. Turning flicker (turn indicator) on and off.
  8. Pulling off from stop streets and turning right. Turning flicker on and off.
  9. Pulling off from a steep incline without rolling back.
  10. Pulling off from uneven steep incline and turning left (or right) without rolling back.
  11. Traffic training A. In a quiet suburb get a friend to ride with you in a car. The motorist must ride in front and you must follow the car obediently. 
  12. Traffic Training B. Once you have some confidence the motorist must almost 'hassle' you e.g. slowing down quickly and suddenly, making sudden decisions to turn etc. If you can find a sensible person to do this exercise with you this can do wonders for your skills and preparation for real traffic situations.
  13. Getting in and out of confided spaces like drive ways and garages
  14. How to park a motorbike so that you can move it out later (e.g. the very end of a steep downhill driveway is a bad idea!)
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