Motorcycle Stealth Camper Tent – Smallest

Motorbike stealth camper tent

In its natural environment in Namibia. This BMW GS Adv with the stealth camper

A tent that rolls smaller than a sleeping bag, weighs less than 1kg and has no poles! This is the motorcycle Stealth Camper, the smallest motorbike tent available especially designed for African conditions.

Compact motorbike camper tent

Blending in with the natural vegetation in Namibia the stealth camper erects in less than 2 minutes

This compact motorcycle tent, made in South Africa comes in a single or double size and is available in a variety of colours from natural shades to hi visibility oranges.

Compact motorbike touring tent

Tent attaches to the motorcycle and works just as well with a center stand as with a side stand.

The sewn in ground sheet keeps the wet out and the fly sheet keeps out the heat.

Small touring tent for motorcycles

Hi visibility yellow with an oversize fly sheet. Tents are made to order so clients can have the exact combination of features that work for them

The tent has a mess ventilation screen nearest the motorcycle that allows condensation to escape.

Ladies motorcycle touring tent

Available in colours that suit lady bikers as well. The elastic bungee cords keep the tent taut while the pegs keep it attached to the ground!

Motorbike touring tent dual sport motorcycles

This tent and fly sheet erect in under 2 minutes. Packing up is just as quick. No poles to leave behind or break.

Off road motorcycle touring tent

Weighing in at less than 1kg this tent goes a long way to keep your load as light as possible, which is good for handling, especially in loose deep sand

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