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Ronnie Borrageiro left South Africa for an around the world trip on his BMW GS 1200 three years ago. In his heart he had lots of demons to face; I know I chatted to him about them. His demons drove him from behind while the need to find ‘something’ pulled him forward. Well, this is what he found . .

Ronnies around the world motorcycle tour

Yep, this is what he found – Patricia. Shows that if you ride long enough and hard enough your motorbike will bring you to a happy place!

Here’s what he has to say about his 3 year around the world motorbike trip on his BMW 1200 GS. .

Dear All,

Yesterday marked the beginning of my 3rd year on the road…!!

It was also a day where between the Big Fella and I (BMW 1200 GS), we celebrated not only a “birthday” for him (140 000 km on the clock) but also¬† my 100 000th kilometre in the motorcycle sadlle on our journey around the world… And it was made on a brand new set of tyres, the Big Fella’s sixth set since we set out… (Another 20 000 km’s before he gets the next set will do nicely, thank you…!!)

We are in our 86th country (Sao Bento du Sol, Brazil) at the moment, and heading north to Rio de Janeiro, from where we will head west into Paraguay…

During the course of this last year, I have completed my motorbike rides through Asia and Australia, and am now working my way through South America… I had originally hoped to spend about 8 months touring this particular continent, but in the words of an old Rod Stewart number:

“Life is so brief, and time is a thief when you’re undecided,
and like a fist full of sand, it can slip right through your hands…”

And time has slipped through my hands…!! But in the main, it has been time very well spent…!!

I will certainly never regret the “lost” four months I spent in Bali, for instance…!! Or the four “follow-up visits” to see the girl that broke down the walls I was so painstakingly building around my heart…!!

Meeting Patricia and the subsequent relationship we have built, despite the distances that separate us, has been far and away the highlight of this past year…

I ended my “Year 2, Day 1″ newsletter with the words, “In the meantime, I’ll keep searching for that “Lucky Town”…” I found my “Lucky Town” in Ubud, Bali…

During the course of the year, I have visited just 17 countries, and traveled 44 000 km, more than half of that distance in Australia alone…!! It’s a big country, where I made seven rides which exceeded a 1000 km in a single day…!! If nothing else, Australia will teach a rider all about stamina and fatigue…!!

After Africa, South America is seen as the toughest continent to ride on, and possibly the best of them all… The windswept Ruta 40 in Patagonia lived up to it’s reputation for “making or breaking” a rider… Reaching Fin del Mundo was one of the highlights of my last year on the road…

I have met as many wonderful people in the second year of my journey as I did in my first, and I am sure this trend will continue… The world is filled with kind and helpful people, and I am fortunate to come into contact with them on a daily basis…

In eight months time, all the God’s willing, I will bring this amazing ride to an end… By then I will have been to the “Top of the World” and “The End of the World”, and will begin life in “A New World”, one that will hopefully be filled with a new understanding and appreciation of the people and beauty that we are surrounded with on a daily basis…

But before I can do that, I must heed the call of the Far North and Alaska…!!

Once again, my heartfelt thanks go out to all the people who have supported and encouraged me over the last year… To my family and very good friends,who have spurred me on when my spirits were taking a dive, and sent me soaring to new heights, even when I was already “flying”…!!

This ride is for all of you too…!!

In the mean time, we continue “Living the Dream”….

GB and the BF

Around the world on a motorcycle

At the end of the world in South America with Ronnie Borrageiro on his BMW GS 1200

Here is Ronnies story below . . .
Ronnie Borrageiro’s round the world motorcycle trip



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